Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Updated: The New iPad (aka iPad3) Is Melting Down The Apple Store!

Since Apple's announcement ended at approximately 1:15 PM (CST) I have been trying to place a pre-order at the Apple Store. It is no approximately 4:15 PM and I feel like one of those test monkeys who is taught to keep pulling the lever (or in my case clicking the link). The reward in the monkey's case could be food, addictive narcotics, or any number of other test products, in my case it is the privilege of handing about $900 over to  Apple for their newest vision of how to survive in a  "post PC world."

Over the past three hours, I was a.) completely locked out of the Apple Store for about ninety minutes then b.) reached the first pre-order screen about a dozen times only to be timed out again. Finally, a try allowed me to reach the "Accessory Page" to be kicked out unceremoniously a half dozen times!

About an hour ago, I reached the "free engraving screen" and was visibly thrilled! I hit "no engraving" and got kicked to the curb. Thirty minutes later, I got back to this screen and added a couple of lines of prose for the hell of it (I had selected a white iPad "by mistake" and was afraid to try making that change!). I got to the "checkout screen" only to see seven black iPads, one white engraved iPad, 9 Apple TVs, a $10,000 total and a warning that customers are only allowed to purchase a maximum of two iPads on pre-orders. I deleted and adjusted totals only to be.... kicked to the curb again!!!

Three hours later, I have one black 64 Gig, Verizon (yes AT&T I am leaving you! See my recent posts on this company if you are interested to know why) LTE iPad on order with Apple Care. (My iPad 2's last year  "of life" has convinced me  this is extended insurance coverage worth paying for in my case and I do not like extended coverage plans.)

Somehow the nine (9) Apple TVs were all (9) or nothing. I couldn't adjust the quantity and was afraid to anyway at this point. So this $100 purchase will have to wait.

Oh, during this three hour marathon, I spoke with my sister. I discovered she actually is an Apple shareholder which surprised me. Her question, what did the stock do today? (The stock is flat today, which isn't surprising given its recent run up.) I decided after all these years, that if Apple is so slammed it can't take pre-orders, I needed to finally buy a few shares..... Guess what, my market order is still "open" with my broker! At least I have a piece of paper now proving my new iPad purchase.....

I am sure the order process will smooth out but delivery on March 16 may be a thing of the past by tomorrow.... I am interested to hear about anyone else's online order efforts. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.....

Update: As of  March 8 at 10 AM (CST), the Apple Store appears to be running smoothly. New iPad orders on select models and styles are still available for March 16 delivery. Lower priced models such as a white, 16 Gigabyte, 4G model using AT&T as a carrier, are showing delivery dates of March 19. If you have an interest in acquiring the new model, it once again appears the easiest method to get your hands on one is through Apple's online store. After yesterday's meltdown, I am very curious to hear how many pre-orders the company processed in the first 24 hours. (Remember, the new iPad is available from day one in multiple countries. This fact alone is likely to make the first day numbers historic.)

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