MRT Hosting Services

MRT Hosting Services

You have enough to do running your business, let Music Row Tech handle your backoffice needs. Whether you and your team want the power and convenience of Microsoft Exchange Server, or the collaborative tools of Sharepoint, we have solutions for you.

You enjoy added productivity while all the updating and security concerns are handled by Music Row Tech. Our solutions work whether you have an office of one or two or two hundred! 

Pricing and service is customized to your specific needs. Please scroll down to see a partial list of the services we offer.

Want to learn more about the benefits of a hosted Exchange Server solution? Click on this link to read more.

Please contact us by email or telephone. We are looking forward to joining your team!


Exchange Related
  • Mailbox with Outlook License/Download (per user)
  • Mailbox without Outlook License/Download (per user)
  • Mailbox Storage (per user)
  • Additional Mailbox Storage (5GB increment)
  • Directory Link (AD Sync)
  • ActiveSync
  • Blackberry (per device)
  • ActiveSync/BlackBerry Remote Wipe
  • Public Folder(s)
  • Resource Mailboxes (per mailbox)
  • Company Disclaimer
  • Additional MessageMirror Storage (5GB increment)
  • Compliant Archiving Enablement
  • (Compliant archiving third party fees apply)
  • Retention Policies (per user)
  • Wireless Policies (per user)
  • Collaboration (Fax-via-Email, Lync, POP/IMAP and SharePoint)
  • Fax-via-Email: Page Overage (per page)
  • Lync Standard (per user)
  • Lync Enterprise (per user)
  • POP/IMAP Mailboxes - initial package of 10 (1GB per mailbox)
  • Additional POP/IMAP Mailboxes (per mailbox; 1GB per mailbox)
  • POP/IMAP Mailboxes Additional Storage (2GB increment)
SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • SharePoint Additional Storage (2GB increment)
  • Encryption and Data Management (Encryption, Outlook Backup and PC Backup)
  • Encrypted Message (end-user message encryption; per user)
  • Policy-Based Encryption (per Exchange mailbox) 
  • For all Exchange mailboxes in account
  • Outlook Backup: Storage Included (per mailbox)
  • Outlook Backup: Additional Storage (5GB increment)
  • PC Backup: Storage (per user)
  • PC Backup: Storage Overage (5GB increment)
  • PC Backup: Desktop License
  • PC Backup: Server License


  1. Hosted exchange providers often take daily back up of data so that you never lose any important emails or data. You can restore your account to previous date either for free or by paying a small fee.

  2. Are they good enough for my gaming needs?

  3. I have a question, maybe you could help me - is it possible to share music via virtual data rooms ? I never tried so maybe there are some good cloud for music share.

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